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Published at: Mon, Mar 5, 2012 17:16 AST
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1. Summit Daily News (CO), Sun, Mar 4, 2012
Summit Outside: The complexity of animal communication text
Front Page / Newspaper / Daily
... acrobatic and comedic venue does not use real words but often comical sounds and music, which convey comedy and humor. What are some of the ways animals communicate? The obvious basic needs for communication are nutrition and reproduction, combined with social behavior in many species. The study of animal-sign communication is called zoosemiotics. There ...
2. Sacramento Bee Front Page (CA), Mon, Mar 5, 2012
Vet aids pets of homeless at monthly free clinic in Davis text
Front Page / Newspaper / Daily
... It didn't take much for veterinarian Tom Kendall, 66, to jump in to help when UC Davis Veterinary School students created a nonprofit organization providing free medical care for the animal companions of the homeless. The clinic runs a makeshift veterinary hospital the second Saturday of every month at Loaves & Fishes. ...
3. O C Weekly Blog Navel Gazing, Sun, Mar 4, 2012
OC Bookly: OC Bookstores, Part I--You Should See What It's Like in The... text
Arts and Culture / Internet / Daily
... unconsidered. Walk into somebody's home and note the giant flat-screen TV, all sorts of expensive ugly furniture, a terrific view, well-groomed animal companions and absolutely no fucking books (!) and understand immediately that you are in the nightmare domain of a human ...
4. Elk Valley Times (TN), Mon, Mar 5, 2012
Elk Valley Times - Fayetteville, Breaking News, Newspaper, Lincoln Cou... text
Local News / Newspaper / Daily
... #Elk Valley Times Old service dog Comments Feed Valentine's Day Walk-In Weddings at Belmont Mansion In Nashville Vietnam vets meet Feb. 2 * Community Calendar * Contact Us * Online Delivery * Subscribe ___ * Home * News + Local ...
5. Elk Valley Times (TN), Mon, Mar 5, 2012
Pet Stories text
Local News / Newspaper / Daily
... By Laura Perkinson | Posted on January 23, 2012 at 3:52 pm I am hoping this story can help save this dog. How a service dog can end up like this says a lot about society. This dog whose owner died gave her all to this woman. The family of the woman took her to a KILL ...
6. Daily Press of Victorville (CA), Mon, Mar 5, 2012
Healing Valentine text
Front Page / Newspaper / Daily
... Valentine still has some recuperating to do and it's Fonville and Bacall's hope that eventually the puppy can be trained to be a therapy dog. "For her to be able to help people who have been through similar things as she's been through would be great," Bacall said. ...
7. Orlando Sentinel News (FL), Sun, Mar 4, 2012
Beth Dodd: Prisoner Beth Dodd can't forget Lake County girl she struck... text
News / Newspaper / Daily
... and watch TV the rest of the day, Beth is a dervish. She characterizes Buck, who is destined to be a service dog for Easter Seals, as a "surfer dude." She works as an aide in a classroom, helping fellow inmates learn to ...
8. Columbus Dispatch Opinion (OH), Sun, Mar 4, 2012
Language has the power to hurt text
Opinion or Editorial / Newspaper / Daily
... Georgia Tech, for example, is referenced, but only after a statement that would question his intelligence. We're told that he had taken the bus to the vet to drop his guide dog off for tests and that, "Because he couldn't ride the bus alone," he took a cab back to campus. ...
9. Fernandina Beach News Leader Wednesday (FL), Thu, Mar 1, 2012
Front Page / Newspaper / Daily
... with the agency's children, dogs and puppies in training and is meant to educate people about the incredible role a service dog like Sophie plays in the life of a child with autism and their family. Cost is a $20 donation (cost of printing). The book is ideal for home, ...
10. KING TV (WA), Sun, Mar 4, 2012
Seattle's top 10 dog breeds | Seattle text
Local News / Broadcast / Daily
... aim of meeting the dogs' needs, the hotel offers activities including doggy walks, doggy rando (hiking), doggy jogs, doggy velo (running next to a bike) and other services such as dog massage. The hotel also caters to the needs of people living in small appartments or who don't have the time to walk their dogs. (Photo by Franck Prevel/Getty ...
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